Everything You Should Know About Fly Fishing Gear

For those that enjoy fishing on a regular basis, fly fishing is the next step up. It can be challenging, but that is what makes it more fun compared to regular fishing. Having been tired of fishing myself and looking for something more, I have recently done a lot of research into the world of fly fishing. Today I would like to share that research with you, so here is everything you should know about fly fishing gear.

Basic Equipment: Fly Rod

We start with the simplest thing you can think of, a fly rod. This is what most people refer to as a “fishing pole”. There are so many different kinds of fly rods that you can buy, but we will keep it simple for you here. We recommend that you first decide what fish you would like to specialize in so that within itself will help you narrow down your search.

From there, there will still be plenty of options such as fly line weight and whether you want anything from a fast action, medium action, or slow action fly rod. Again there are so many different options to choose from, but these are the basics that will help you get started in the right direction.

The Ultimate Time Saver: Fly Fishing Bags

Fly fishing bags can save you so much time and space. These bags will serve as your go to on the water for anything you could think of needing. From the best fly fishing waders to any sorts of snacks you want to bring out on the water, fly fishing bags will do the trick.

After you go fly fishing a few times you will notice that almost everyone else out there has one as well and for good reason. For just a few dollars, your fly fishing bag will become your best friend. As mentioned earlier it saves you space by keeping your pockets free and storing everything neat and organized.

It also saves you time, because you will no longer have to hike out of the water to get a different piece of equipment. Especially with the best fly fishing waders, you will want to keep fishing all day long.

An Example: Trout Fishing Gear

We hinted at the idea of specializing in one type of fish earlier when picking a type of fly rod. Well Trout are an excellent example and are so popular that many people decide to specialize in this fish.

To give you an example of what gear you will need we begin with the bait. Popular bait amongst the trout fishing community includes many different things. The first of which is quite unique, grasshopper. Other popular baits, especially when fly fishing, include elk hair caddis and  woolly buggers. Again these are somewhat unique and specialized, which is why you need to be aware of this information ahead of time.

Jumpstart Your Fishing Journey: Fly Fishing Kits for Beginners

One of the things that I have found helpful during my research is that some companies understand a jump to fly fishing can be difficult. There is a steep learning curve, and you have to basically start over with all new equipment. To combat this issue those companies have developed simple fly fishing kits for beginners.

These kits include everything from the fly rod to some bait that can be used for a variety of different fish species. If you are looking to skip over the research and want to get into the water as fast as possible, then these fly fishing kits are definitely for you. As I start my journey, I think I will get one of these fly fishing kits too. It is just going to make it so much easier and save me a lot of time in the process too.

Everything You Should Know About Fly Fishing Gear

I hope that you have learned a lot about fly fishing from reading this article, certainly as much as I did from my research. I am excited to start my journey in this new hobby and you should be too! Now get out there, go get some equipment, and start fishing.

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