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Review: MNFT 5mm Beads

MNFT 5mm Beads





  • Store offers good tackle to combine this with
  • Good packaging

These simple 5mm (3/16”) beads from MNFT can be used in various different rigs and 1 bead costs exactly 1 cent.

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Prices for beads range from 0.5 cents per bead to over 1 cent. So yes, there are cheaper versions, and no, you don’t need brand name beads.

But for an item this cheap, shipping plays a big role. If shipping is $1, the 0.5 cent alternative suddenly isn’t cheaper anymore. So it makes lots of sense to combine this with other items from the same store, to save the shipping fees. And MNFT got lots of options, including many small items like this that you can never have enough of.

To sum it up, this item should definitely be paired with other items. And MNFT is a great place for that. Other stores might be a bit cheaper, but we are talking about pennies here. 8/10


MNFT has these nice resealable bags, couldn’t be better and fits perfectly for 200 beads. 10/10


At 11 days this is the fastest shipped item we ever had on this site. And this was part of a bigger order, which usually only has a negative impact. 8/10


These are hard, not squishy like some other beads. That’s nothing bad. From the manufacturing process it has little studs. I’d guess that all beads you can buy have this, and it’s very nitpicky, but I guess in theory you could make a slightly higher quality version. 9/10

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Catching Effectiveness

In case you missed it earlier, these are 5mm or 3/16” big. The studs mentioned in the quality part have no impact on catching effectiveness. If you need beads, these will work. Again, couldn’t be better. 10/10

Ease of use

There’s no way to make beads easier to use. I used these in many rigs. 10/10


I never broke one of these or anything of that sort. 10/10


These are beads for a more than acceptable price, from a good and reputable store. The packaging could be mentioned as an exceptional feature. Just add them to your order.

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