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Review: Invisible Spot Fluorocarbon Leader Wire – 18.3kg

Invisible Spot Fluorocarbon Leader Wire





  • Fluocarbon coated, not real fluocarbon
  • Stiff, breaks easily
  • 40 lbs test is not true

There are definitely better alternatives to this fake fluocarbon leader.

Dry and Water Review

Dry Review


Since the good fluocarbon I bought from AliExpress costs 10 times as much as this one, the price is not what you’ll find wrong with this. ~$7 for 500 meters is a good price if you want to use it for casual purposes, it’s cheap line. But then you might as well get the really cheap line that sells for $4 for 500 meters.

Bottomline, this line is cheap, but if you are looking for cheap there are better options. 7/10


I’m really happy with the packaging, it comes in a box and the spool itself is solid too. It also contains all the description you’ll need, except that it says 100% fluorocarbon when it’s not. But you will know that. So I still give it 9/10


Shipping took 31 days, but it came in a big haul with other items, it might be quicker if you order this item alone. 4/10


The product feels stiff and badly made. That’s because it’s monofilament coated with fluorocarbon. 1/10

Water Review

Catching Effectiveness

For a supposed 18.3kg (40 lbs test) you can easily tear it with your hands, and so can fish. When you get your lure stuck you can write off the lure and leader as it will absolutely break.

It feels like the worst of both worlds, it tears easily, isn’t very flexible. It also doesn’t have the transparency and invisibility characteristics you expect from fluorocarbon, although the dark green color is good for camouflage as well, just not what you’re looking for in fluorocarbon. 1/10

Ease of use

Since the test rating is off by so much it’s impractical to use. Again it’s stiff, it reminds me of uncooked spaghettis, so I don’t see why I would ever use it over regular monofilament or real fluocarbon. 0/10


Breaks easily. 0/10


I guess an argument could be made for this as a fluocarbon coated line, but even then it’s really bad. And it says 100% fluocarbon, so that’s what I thought I’m getting and I’m deeply disappointed. There are better options.

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