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Review: LUSHAZER Eye Hook for Trout






  • Good price
  • Does exactly as expected

I bought these little eye hooks from AliExpress for my own live bait trout rigs, and I’m catching really well with it.

Dry and Water Review

Dry Review


These are priced at 7 cents a piece, and that’s a good price. That’s especially true after considering that Lushazer has built a brand reputation, something you usually pay a premium for. 10/10


These come in a simple plastic bag, with a sticker that says the size and the quantity.

You could use the card it comes with as a support backboard, but I appreciate the small dimensions. 8/10


Shipping took 18 days. 6/10


I’m sure there are sharper hooks but I can tell you these will sting you pretty well. The eye is also nicely made and closes very well. 9/10

Water Review

Catching Effectiveness

These catch very well, I caught many trouts with it (I think I’ll show my rig when I reviewed all the components). This size is right for all kinds of trout, up to the biggest rainbows I’ve seen. It hooks well and holds well with the barbs, but you can also get the barbless version.

You could also use this for catching small fish, but I personally prefer a worm hook that comes with a leader out of the box for that setup.

As bait I usually use live bait, like worms or maggots. 9/10

Ease of use

You couldn’t make a hook that’s easier to use. I suppose the only variable is the size of the eye, and the eye is more than big enough in this case. 10/10


I never bent one of these out and caught multiple trout on the same hook. You’ll lose a leader before the hook causes problems. 9/10


Solid hooks with no weakness for a really fair price. I can definitely recommend these in the small hook niche without leaders or other gimmicks.

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