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Review: Lead Drop Shot Weight

Lead Sinker Weight (Drop Shot Weight)





  • Perfect performance in the water

Dropshot weights with clip. Lots of fun for vertical fishing.

Dry and Water review

Dry Review


Since this is an easily substitutable product, I made sure it’s cheap. 26 cents per 7g unit and 67 cents per 18g unit.

It’s hard to do a 100% thorough research, because AliExpress doesn’t allow to sort by price per unit.

Sample testing showed me that these are the cheapest, but there might be better cheaper options if you look closer. 9/10


These come in a hard plastic bag that’s resealable. It’s good for transportation and a good fit for the item type.

I assume that it could lead to the clip breaking off, but in my case they were all fine.

The bag has no label, but you can see the weights through it.

The design is unspectacular and it doesn’t have details about the content. Since it’s see-through and has a hard site, it serves it’s purpose. 7/10


Shipping took 25 days. 5/10


It doesn’t have a perfect texture. But the weight is embossed and readable. Not perfectly readable, but good enough. The clip also works very well and isn’t too loose. 8/10

Water Review

Catching Effectiveness

These are perfect for dropshot fishing. As I said the clip works perfectly. I’ve caught plenty of fish with the 18g and 7g version.

The 7g version is good for rather shallow and calm waters, 18g is good for strong currents or if you want it to sink faster. For further purposes and those in between there are more weights available. 10/10

Ease of use

The clip allows you to hang it to the end of the line, without a knot. It won’t fall of even when casting and after repeated use. 10/10


It’s a lead weight, so that can’t really break. So far the clip seems really sturdy. 10/10

Where to Buy

Sadly, the store doesn’t sell this item anymore, but there are alternatives.

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