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Review: Crankbait Hard Bait

Crankbait Hard Bait





  • Good overall quality
  • Good action


  • Soft coating that the lures own hooks might get caught in

Is this premium crankbait worth it’s price? There’s one major problem!

Dry and Water Review

Dry Review


At 2.42 it is priced higher than other crankbaits. The price is still not bad compared to expensive crank baits, but it doesn’t seem like there is a particular reason for this item to cost this much. 2/10


This crankbait comes in a very simple box. Since it’s a single unit I didn’t intend to keep it in it’s original package, I only saw that as a shipping container. Still it doesn’t have a nice design and is not resealable. The only thing that goes for it is that it protected the item during international shipping. 3/10


Shipping took exactly 1 month. 4/10


The quality definitely feels good. It definitely has a nice feel to it due to a coating. The hooks are sharp. 9/10

Water Review

Catching Effectiveness

This bait was my first bait that got me some reaction on a otherwise uneventful day. It has a good sound and zig-zag action so it’s good if you really have to provoke the fish. With it’s long and horizontal diving shovel it runs deep. 8/10

Ease of use

The coating comes with a big problem that turns out to be this baits biggest flaw: The hooks get stuck in the coating (mentioned before) during the cast. This of course ruins the cast and it doesn’t run properly when you reel it in. So you have to pull it out and recast it.

If it doesn’t get stuck it works like a normal crankbait. 1/10


The durability is quite good due to the higher than average overall quality, and the coating definitely helps protect it. 9/10

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