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Review: Lead Sinker Weight

Lead Sinker Weight





  • Functions as expected


  • Not labeled in any way

This cheap box of lead sinker weights has a distinct disadvantage that makes it really impractical to use.

Dry and Water Review

Dry Review


This item is drop shipped and sold for 4 times the price in Germany, so price wise it’s actually very good. 10/10


The packaging function, turning it and getting out the weights works decently, but it’s not labeled in any way, which is a recurring theme we’ll mention here. 1/10


Shipping took exactly 1 month. 4/10


The box is not too thin, it’s actually pretty good, but the weights itself are average, this is a simple product. 6/10

Water Review

Catching Effectiveness

The missing labels and exact specifications make it hard to use these to balance out a bobber. If you go too light you make it harder to throw and the fish feel more resistance trying to pull down the bobber. If you go too heavy the bobber sinks and is completely ineffective. 3/10

Ease of use

The missing labeling makes it incredibly hard to use these, a lot harder than it has to be

. These are also all very small weights, the biggest one is probably around 1 gram, the smallest one probably 1/10 of a gram. The ones I like to use have 1/2g, 1g, 2g, 3g. That makes it really inconvenient to balance out bigger bobbers. 0/10


This is a very simple item. The durability is as you’d expect, but nothing extraordinary. 5/10

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